Image Instructions

So you have clicked on the image download link on the front page and would like to know how to use it. On this page you will find steps to follow to get your ofxPiMapper disk image working on your Raspberry Pi.

The image has been made with Raspberry Pi 3 model B, it is recommended that you have the same.

First of all, download Etcher. If you use Etcher, you don’t need to unzip the file you downloaded.

Open Etcher and select image file.

Put your 8 GB Class 10 SD card into the SD card reader slot of your personal computer.

In Etcher, select the SD card device you put your SD card into.

Press Flash and wait.

When it is done, put the SD card into the Raspberry Pi. Do not power it up yet. Connect keyboard, mouse and display before attaching the power source. Make sure the display is on and set to get video input from the Raspbery Pi.

Connect your Pi to a power source. The boot process should look similer to the one of a regular Raspbian, but at the ent it should start ofxPiMapper. Use your keyboard and mouse to click, select and transform surfaces.

Take a look at the keyboard shortcuts to access full functionality!